Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And the survey says....

photo: YM
A recent survey of adults in the U.S. shows a knowledge gap when it comes to dental health. The survey, done for the Children’s Dental Health Project, asked 5 questions.
Among the findings, only 7% of adults correctly identified tooth decay as the most common chronic health condition affecting U.S. children and teens. Over 40% of adults felt they had little to no control over getting a cavity and only 18% stated that it was true that the bacteria that causes tooth decay can be transmitted from parents to their children.

While obesity and asthma are common childhood diseases tooth decay is more common, even though it is virtually completely preventable with regular oral hygiene and healthy diet. 

Additionally, 41% marked true that children’s teeth should be brushed starting at age 3 when in fact, baby teeth need to be cleaned from the time the first tooth emerges.
On a positive note, most of the adults surveyed recognized that the health of the mouth is important to the health of the rest of the body.

To view the survey visit the Children's Dental Health Project at: Survey reveals big gaps in the public's knowledge of dental health

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